Debian packages for logwatch

Available releases, apart from the offical ones in the Debian archive

See also: QA Page, packages page and the upstream homepage.

This project is maintained in an SVN repository at debian's svn site.

Mailing List

There's now a mailing list: pkg-logwatch-general - at - This list is for discussions of debian - specific aspects of logwatch.


If you want to help, see the list of open bugs (which is usually short) and contribute patches.

You can also write patches to support currently unrecognized loglines. Just run logwatch and look for "Unmatched Entries". If you don't get any you are lucky.

The best way to submit patches is to use Debian's BTS. I'll also take care of submitting your patches upstream.

Just contributing the raw "Unmatched Entries" from the logfile is also a welcomed contribution.

Also, logwatch by no way covers all programs which log something to the system logfiles. If you want logwatch to support some of those, you can either write a filter yourself, or send me the logfile. You have a realistic chance that I write the filter for you.

One very important need

is a testsuite:

The reason is that most debian logwatch releases ended up with non-critical, but annoying bugs (like double-counted loglines or individual scripts that didn't work because the LogFile definition was wrong) that would have been avoided with a simple testsuite.

Maintainer: Willi Mann.